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ORDER Tammy's Pizza

Call Doordash Support at 855-222-8111

for any 3rd party order, delivery or driver issues.

*** In-Store Pick-Up Notes ***

Choosing In-Store Pick-up is the best way to insure product freshness
Pay online to save time in store.
Future order times available
Large orders may take extra time

Pricing and items subject to change


*** Delivery Notes ***

(or 3rd Party App Pick-up)


Delivery OR Pick-up Must Be Selected when ordering

on 3rd Party Delivery Site (next screens) 

Call Doordash Delivery Support at 855-222-8111 

for any 3rd party order, delivery or driver issues.


Although delivery items leave Tammy's Pizza in good condition

and at correct temperatures, Tammy's Pizza has no control over quality and temperatures during the 3rd Party Delivery process. 

3rd Party item pricing may vary from ordering

directly from Tammy's Pizza for Pick-up. 

Pricing and items subject to change.

Some ordering options not available on 3rd Party sites.

Order and Delivery times are estimates and may change during the order.

Delivery subject to Doordash Availability and my not always be available


Tammy's Pizza Coupons and Specials not available for orders

through 3rd party Ordering Sites.

You will be re-directed to the 3rd Party site to place your order if you choose delivery or choose a 3rd party site when placing your order from a web search.

*Gluten Free Items prepared in a common kitchen with the risk of gluten exposure.
Customers with gluten sensitivities should exercise judgment in consuming GF Items

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